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Kanimuni: Game Design for Education


Kanimuni, an ancient game in Assam, involves a blindfolded player searching for insights through the surrounding. This is the name chosen for this project proposed under Design Innovation Center. It symbolizes our efforts to facilitate the young minds in adverse surroundings with educational tools. This project promises to create various learning opportunities with playful environment.

Proficiency in English, Mathematics, Computing, and Science (EMCS) has significant impact on economic opportunities in India. Students who are socially backward, or live in remote areas or have weak financial condition miss on many career opportunities due to lack of proficiency in EMCS. This project aims to build interest and confidence to learn EMCS in such students through physical and digital gamification of education. This project will focus on creating educational games from learners’ perspective rather than teachers’ perspective.

This project is a collaborative effort where experts from Design and Computer science are brought together to work with school children. The final goal is to create set of board games and digital games.

We have organised one workshop by Prof. Athavankar from IDC, IIT Bombay. Total 36 participants from various design schools like NID, Srishti, IITH, IITD and IITG attended this workshop.

This project is funded by Design Innovation Centre (an initiative by MHRD) at IIT Guwahati.

Though this project we are trying to bring the culture of design and innovation to school education.


Instructional video for board game Color Mingle based on primary and secondary colors.

User testing video for board game ChimeRush based on periodic table in Chemistry.

ePrastuti is an initiative taken by Assam state government in association with NIC for redesigning and standardisation of all state govt. web plat-forms and portals. We are involved in this project to create the guidelines for better usability and to retain the consistency across the departments. On our suggestion, State government has also started a training progra-mme for state govt. employees to update and maintain the websites and web-services. We are providing our support for this training programme.

ePrastuti: Website redesign initiative of Assam Govt.


Logo Design

with Poonam Wagle

Logo was designed for this initiative. The keywords used: web, standardisation and

preparedness (Prastuti)

Logo Design: National Institutional Ranking Framework


Logo was designed for NIRF. The logo was designed keeping the modern trend in similar logos like NKN, MY GOV, etc. The keywords used: ranking, compete, institution.

This logo is typographic exploration with a replacement of 'i' with a semantic element of Badge. It gives the sense of competition and hierarchy. The open book at the base suggest the relation to educational institutes. 

Logo Design

with Mohammad Shahid

NIRF logo
SPIC MACAY: Publicity for International Convention at IITG 


RSS: Logo for a annual symposium at Dept. Chemical Engineering


Logo was designed for Research Scholars' Symposium at Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay.

RSS Logo

This book is made for an academic work in the course- Advance Typography. The book is a compilation of poems by a renowned Marathi writer and poet- बा. सी. मर्ढेकर. The book is designed to depict the characteristics of tone and style of his poems in visual form.

Wikipedia on Mardhekar-

Bal Sitaram Mardhekar (December 1, 1909 - March 20, 1956) was a Marathi writer who brought about a radical shift of sensibility in Marathi poetry. His earlier collection of poems was sentimental and lyrical. But his later avant-garde poetry brought about a storm in the Marathi literary world. Similar to what Baudelaire did in French poetry, Mardhekar brought a decadent urban ethos into Marathi poetry. 

Mardhekar was also an influential crictic and an experimental novelist. 

मर्ढेकर: Book design for selected poems by Mardhekar


Mardhekar: Book Design

Film is an experiment in split screen. It starts with the screen split in multiple strips which represents the protagonist's state of mind. 

This is a narrative of a young man in a metropolitan city who is caught up in the gender conflict. He is struggling to understand and resolve the differences between his desires and expectations casted by cultural stereotypes of society around him. 

Through the Looking Glass is a short film commissioned by Public Service Broadcast Trust, New Delhi. This was a part of series 'Gender Unpacked' which is guided by Prof. Jayshankar and Prof. Anjali Montero, TISS.


The film was screened on National television and also at various film screenings. 

Gender Unpacked: Through the Looking Glass


This film has received a Jury award for Best Short Film at ICE digital film festival 2007 in Pune.

Gender Unpacked
CMCS: Website design for CMCS, TISS


Centre for Media and Cultural Studies was using this site for 8 years. They changed it when CMCS was renamed as 'School for Media and Cultural Studies'

CMCS: Web Design
Trimiti: Learning through songs and stories


This was an academic project carried out at IDC, IIT Bombay.

The aim of this project was to create a proposal for a learning aid for children at Municipal schools in Maharashtra

Trimiti: Learning Aid

This was an academic project carried out at IDC, IIT Bombay.

The aim of this project was to create a proposal for a learning aid for children at Municipal schools in Maharashtra

A chapter from Mathematics syllabus was taken and teaching lessons are planned with story and songs using print as well as audio-video medium. A text book for students and a reference book for teachers was delivered with a VCD. 

Dhamal Gani Kamal Goshti - Prasad Bokil, Atul Paranjape, Priya
00:00 / 00:00

This is a song written and composed for children to learn & remember 'Types of Angles'.

Aahat: Series of short films for AIDS awareness


Aahat is a series of stop motion films conceptualised for AIDS awareness. Each of the film portrays a story of a person came for Elisa Blood Test. Each film has given the title of code number assigned to the blood sample.

These films are made with Stop motion technique. A modular grid was used for composition of frames.

Aahat is proposed as a Television show for AIDS awareness. Where each case in the film is discussed by panel of experts after the screening.

Here are the three films out of series of twelve. These films are stand alone films and still very much informative even without panel discussion.

Aahat: Short films

MU04 1715


Age: 32 Years

Bank Manager

MU04 2074


Age: 34 Years

Sex worker

MU04 1924


Age: 28 Years

School Teacher

Photogramatica: Poetry through photograms



सूरज को भी रोते हुए यहाँ हमनें देखा हैं | 
पहिली किरण की मौत होते यहाँ हमनें देखा हैं | 
चाँदनी से झुलस गयी रात कितनी काली है | 
चाँद के माथे पर किसने लिखीं हुई एक गाली है | 
आधा खाया आधा छोड़ा बरगद अकेला खड़ा है | 
भूखा प्यासा काला बादल पत्थर होके पड़ा है | 
मधुशाला के बाहर सुस्ताया काला ज़हरीला सपना है | 
जिसने अपना ख़ून पीया वह समय भी तो अपना है | 
लंगड़ी, अंधी, काली बिल्ली  रास्ता रोके खड़ी है | 
मन्दीर से निकली बूढी चुड़ैल दीवारों पे चढ़ी है | 
रोशनी में टंगी परछाई साये से भी डरती है | 
नसीब बुननेवाली मकड़ी जाल में फस के मरती है | 
भीष्म द्रोण की मुंडी काटे दुर्योधन सब झूम रहें हैं | 
दधीचि की हड्डी लेकर पागल कुत्ते घुम रहे हैं | 
कुरुक्षेत्र का वस्त्र माँगकर सूतपुत्र पछताया है |  
पाञ्चजन्य की राह देखकर राण में अर्जुन सोया है |

पलकें जलकर राख़ हो गयी 
पड़ा हुवा था लकड़ी बनकर | 
आएगा आएगा गिरिधर 
नवजीवन की वर्षा लेकर | 

क्षितिज किनारें आँखे डाले कितने ही युग बैठा था |
बैठा था, बैठा ही रहा, बैठा ही रहा, बैठा ही रहा, बैठा ही रहा, ... 



Visual explorations


तिची कहाणी


Animation clip made on Marathi poem by N. D. Mahanor. The poem is taken from a book 'तिची कहाणी'. 

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