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I am teaching Art Design Fundamentals 3D to BDes I for this semester.

Courses ongoing 
I learn something new, every time I teach. I experiment something new, every time
I repeat the course.
Information Design for visual communication


Infographics for sex ration in India (Source: NITI Ayog)

Jakobson’s model for communication with various functions of language, Memory model (short-term, long-term) for effective communication design, Application of gestalt laws for visual communication, Application of communication theory for infographics, Fundamentals of information design, Information graphics – study of visual display of quantitative information, understanding charts, maps, diagrams, forms

Information Design

Infographics for State-wise Drop-out Rates in India (Source: NITI Ayog)

Infographics for State-wise Growth Rate of Agriculture and Allied Sector in India (Source: NITI Ayog)

Character map and Emotion mapping of Jab Sheher Humara Sota Hai

Map design for Design department

Infographics for Timeline for satellite launch by ISRO

Introduction to Graphic design elements, principles and their applications.

Graphic Design Studio


Graphic Design
Design Analysis
Design Analysis


Design as a means of communication, Form as bearer of expression and meaning, Design as a component of ecology, semantics (science of meaning of language), semiotics (science of meaning of signs and symbols). The role of sender of information (designer) in achieving effective communication at the receiver’s end.

Positive space - Negative space; Space and form; Tessellations; Line to shape to form; Form and expressions

Elements of Form


Elements of Form
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